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9474Re: [SCA Newcomers] Garb Sale

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  • Kathrine HomHaun
    Jan 5 4:56 AM
      Hi Crystal
      It's good to hear from someone that makes garb in my own kingdom. I Have a need for idea styles for Celtic Irish garb from the mid 13th century. I also would like suggestions for material that doesn't cost a fortune. I have three children and they grow so fast! I have a good eye for anything artistic and if you could email me some pictures of celtic style garb I would appreciate it. How much do your cloaks run? Could you make a red dress like the one that Isolde wore in Tristian and Isodle? That one is not ment to wear as garb, it's for an anniversary party I am hosting in a few months.
      Maeve de Chesne
      Wyvernwoode of Trimaris
      Shelley <ladyquest@...> wrote:
      Hi Crystal,
      I am interested in more info on your garb sale. Please e-mail me with info.

      Crystal <impressionist101@...> wrote:
      Good day dear gentles of the known worlde! Greetings from Trimaris
      once again. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

      I hope everyone is healthy in their parts of the world & enjoyed the
      holidays & stayed safe! This is just a little blurb to inform anyone
      who may be looking for garb that I'm still here. Currently all funds
      from any purchases will be funding my Gulf War.

      I perodically make appearences on this list to inform the new ones
      who may not be able to sew...or perhaps do not have the time to sew
      not to fret!!! Please allow me to offer my services once again to any
      of the new comers on this list. Dressing that part always
      makes you feel *warm & fuzzy* inside!!! I am totally in the SCA for
      the clothes! I don't bite and so feel free to drop me an email with
      garb questions or concerns. All prices are reasonable and I have
      sold and worked w/ people off this site before.All will be brand new
      and made to your colors and direction. If you have an idea let me
      know perhaps we can work something out - I'm willing to trade in leiu
      of $$$ or a discount. I am also offering 10% off for purchases over

      Pictures are available upon request as for styles.

      I also make children's garb to match parents garb (been getting a lot
      of request for that lately - it looks adorable!!!) With Gulf War
      closer than most people think Bloomers are the way to go! Bloomers w/
      elastic waist in several colors most are in a cotton blend (a life
      saver in the warmer states or summer months!)I have made some a bit
      heavier for those chilly days (gotta keep warm)

      ALSO - looking for a lady who emailed me named Rebekah? I lost your
      email address if you could please contact me ASAP off list. Thanks!!
      = )

      Christiana mka Crystal

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