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9351Re: Hello! I have a Question about cloaks...

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  • William
    Dec 15, 2006
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      Wow - I can actually help with this one instead of always asking the
      questions. I have yet to attend any event or meeting but have been
      reading and searching the internet including patterns.

      I don't consider myself cheap and could find a lot of patterns on-
      line to buy but if I can find it for free - why not.

      The best one I've found is at

      It has the best directions and pictures. I did find another one that
      I think lays it out on the fabric better but it doesn't have the link
      printed at the bottom of the page.

      I've found patterns for a tunic, cloak, shirt, hose, and simple shoe
      on-line for free. It's not easy finding them and of course I
      sincerely appreciate the work of others.

      I know you can buy whatever garb you need on-line but hey maybe I am
      cheap after all and would rather build my persona including the
      clothes on my back.

      I would certainly appreciate anyone else who has better links to the
      free stuff :)

      William (yes my real name too) of Bjornsborg
      Kingdom of Ansteorra
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