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9346Hello! I have a Question about cloaks...

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  • Janette
    Dec 14, 2006
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      I am very new to the Society and hail from the Northshield kingdom.
      I have two army type 100% wool blankets (think greenish brown
      instead of green, with light/off white colored stripes on the ends)
      that I think are from the German army. I keep thinking I saw
      something on making a cloak out of blankets on the internet but now
      I cannot find it!
      If anyone can help me it would be most appreciated.

      Other question related to first: Would the stripes be something un-
      period? Or could I just add trim of some sort over them-nothing
      fancy, going for the country girl look here, and make it work? The
      stripes are dyed in (or undyed, possibly) but I'd rather not mess
      with trying to dye this shade of green anything else! KWIM??

      Thank you for any help!

      Janette M.
      (hmmm. P.S. Is my French first name period? Does anyone have a
      suggested link I could look at for French names? It makes personas
      easier, besides, my dh is going with his, William or Wilhelm, and
      it's just not fair!!! LOL just kidding.)
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