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  • Patrick Callahan
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Here is the site I used "How to Wrap the Great Kilt".
      It has clear photographic instructions.


      A great kilt is basically a 60 inch (salvage to
      salvage) piece of plaid. Some times two narrower
      pieces are sewn together this is more historically
      accurate (25 sewn to 25 for fifty which is common
      width in the time period or 30 sewn to 30 for the full
      60). They are typically between 4 and 6 yard wide,
      either hemmed or hemmed to fringe. Some times they
      are fringed all the way around, which looks great but
      is a lot of work.

      Tartans of the time likely more closely resembled a
      checkered table cloth than the tartans of today.
      Tartans like Northumberland, Rob Roy, Moncrieff, Gow
      Clan and Shepherd's Plaid are the closest to the old
      tartans and are often commercially available. Robin
      Hood and Braveheart are fanciful tartans that maintain
      the old style.

      The earliest mention of the great kilt according to
      Matthew A. C. Newsome (of
      http://albanach.org/quair.html from SCOTTISH ARTICLES)
      comes from the Life of Red Hugh OÂ’Donnell, written in
      Irish Gaelic in 1594. He described the great kilt as
      an outer garment worn over a tunic called a leine.
      Numerous sources and patterns exist for making a 16th
      century leine. Commonly called a saffron shirt, though
      they were in fact full length tunic, leine are often
      referred to a pleated or having pleated skirts though
      this is hardly true of every such garment.

      Here are some possible links for the shirt, but there
      are many others.

      1.) http://www.garbtheworld.com/items/g0003.shtml



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