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8454Re: [SCA Newcomers] New-ish One Here

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  • Lisa
    Jun 2, 2006
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      I just found this bog dress photo online:


      Would this be appropriate to 10th century Ireland??


      Keith Howard <khoward001@...> wrote:
      I know several ladies who wear what I believe is called a "chitin" dress or
      a bog dress. Very simple to make and comfortable if you cheat and use a
      cotton instead of a wool. It has what I would consider a very early period
      look to it. I am sorry I can't post pics of it but I will try to describe it
      as best as I can. Take a piece of 60" fabric(I usually see it done in plaid
      cotton) and fold it lengthwise so you have a piece of 30" fabric basically.
      I will try to describe making the dress based on how the fabric is layed
      out, so lay it out with the 2 open ends together at the top of the fabric.
      Find a measurement from the top of your shoulders to mid calf and add 12
      inches, cut the fabric to this length. From the left hand side start about
      12"in and sew the 2 open ends together down to about mid thigh or knee
      depending on how big you want the slit. (basically making a big tube). The
      left side of the tube will end up being the top of the dress and the right
      will be the bottom. On the bottom of the left sied cut a slit 12" to match
      the one on the top and seem where you cut it so it won't frey. On the bottom
      of the right side cut a slit the same length as the one on the top of the
      right side and seem it so it won't frey. Now on the left side you should
      have two 12" flaps (one on the top layer and one on the bottom). Fold those
      over so that they will be on the outside of the dress when it is finished.
      Along the left hand edge you will sew two spots about 1" or 2" wide center
      them up and leave enough room between them for your head because between
      them is your head hole. Finished. put the dress on so that the 2 small areas
      you sewed on the left hand edge rest on your shoulders add a belt, sandles
      and whatever jewelry you like. Don't forget the sun screen. As an
      alternative, the area where you sewed the 2 small spots on the left hand
      edge you can not sew but put in button holes and button as I did for my wife
      when she was nursing. The dress is comfortable and cool and the plaid is
      very forgiving if you don't have what some may consider the perfect figure.

      I know it is hard to figure out just from reading it but it is simple to
      make and I hope you were able to decipher some of my rambling. Best of luck
      at future events and I hope it helped.

      Aengus mac Farlane
      On 6/2/06, Donna Niles wrote:
      > Greetings,
      > I joined the SCA last October and attended my first camping event last
      > weekend (Sapphire). I learned two lessons. First, if you are
      > bothered by heat, do not use garb from areas that never or hardly ever
      > reach above 75-80, especially if it will be near 90 and muggy!
      > Secondly, SCA event camping is SO not like regualr camping, you know
      > in the woods, dark and quiet.
      > We had a great time but had to cut our stay short because of the heat
      > even while wearing linen underdress and a tunic dress. Can anyone
      > recomend a type of garb for ladies that is not multiple layers and
      > originated for areas as mentioned above? I thought about middle
      > eastern, but my concern is that I am such a Northern Europe type of
      > lass (redish hair, fair skin, and freckles!), that it really does not
      > suit me. Any advice would be welcome.
      > Yours In Service,
      > Gwenllian
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