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  • Donna Niles
    Jun 2, 2006
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      I joined the SCA last October and attended my first camping event last
      weekend (Sapphire). I learned two lessons. First, if you are
      bothered by heat, do not use garb from areas that never or hardly ever
      reach above 75-80, especially if it will be near 90 and muggy!
      Secondly, SCA event camping is SO not like regualr camping, you know
      in the woods, dark and quiet.
      We had a great time but had to cut our stay short because of the heat
      even while wearing linen underdress and a tunic dress. Can anyone
      recomend a type of garb for ladies that is not multiple layers and
      originated for areas as mentioned above? I thought about middle
      eastern, but my concern is that I am such a Northern Europe type of
      lass (redish hair, fair skin, and freckles!), that it really does not
      suit me. Any advice would be welcome.

      Yours In Service,
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