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8350Re: [SCA Newcomers] Garb Question

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  • Susan B. Farmer
    May 1, 2006
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      Quoting Sara L Uckelman <liana@...>:

      > Quoth "Selena":
      >> Hi all...for all of you who can't get enough garb questions
      >> (sarcasism), here's another one from a newbie..What is the appropiate
      >> fabric to use when making your first outfit..I ask this because I
      >> heard a man at the last meeting say that after 12 years he was
      >> completely period..I was under the impression, from another kingdom we
      >> declined to join, that you were supposed to use the fabric you would
      >> have found at that time, or as close to it as possible(ie.
      >> linen)..thanks for any info

      Say what? That's the first of ever heard of *that* IMHO, that's a
      *stupid* idea! Not that you shouldn't use period fabrics, but that you
      can *only* use fabric that your persona would have had access too.
      (sounds more like the Civil War Guys (tm) or a true re-enactors guild
      type thing!)

      Most folks here swear by linen, (and I have some that I haven't had the
      chance to make up yet), but it I was required to wear silk, I'd be
      running around in my "shimmy" (as we say here in the mountains)!

      Jerusha (who usually heard a "slip" described as a "shimmy" as a child)
      Susan Farmer
      University of Tennessee
      Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
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