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8349Re: [SCA Newcomers] Garb Question

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  • Signora Beatrice
    May 1 1:58 AM
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      Greetings from Beatrice

      Appropriate fabric for your first outfit? Something that looks vaguely
      medieval! Beyond that, well...

      I recommend natural fibers (linen, cotton, silk, wool). If you're going
      to use non-natural fibers, try to get ones that don't have a plasticy
      shine to them. This isn't just a "look" issue, this is also about fire
      resistance, breathability, comfort, drape, etc.

      As far as colors, you've got a very wide range of choices. In general,
      avoid neon. Pastels and gem tones are fine. Pretty much any color in
      nature (flowers, trees, grass, earth, brick, etc.) is safe.

      For patterns, try to stick to solids or _woven_ patterns (stripes, checks,
      etc.). Printed fabrics, for the most part, are not period. Single color
      brocades look okay from a distance, but many of the patterns are not
      period, so if you care at that level of authenticity, avoid them until you
      can learn more about period brocades.

      Remember, the only *REQUIREMENT* for attendance at an SCA sanctioned event
      is an ATTEMPT at period clothing. If anyone throws a fit at you, send
      them to me. Their rudeness in berating your attempt is FAR worse than any
      transgression against their period sensibilities.

      If I can help with choices, patterns, etc, please let me know. I'm a
      seamstress and have been doing this for nearly a decade. I've got all
      sorts of internet resources, for everything from patterns, fabric, and
      trim through finished garb.

      For some of us, authenticity is a goal. For others, it's a journey,
      taking one more little step at a time. For still others, it's a fleeting
      concern, and they are only concerned about the look (or even the fabled 10
      foot rule). Any of these are acceptable in our Society, and we embrace
      all of them.

      Many people move more towards authentic as they have more time in the
      Society, but this is NOT a requirement. You do not have to have leather
      turnshoes that you made yourself, linen undergarments from flax you grew
      yourself, wool tunics from a sheep you reared from a lamb, etc. etc. etc.
      For some people, this is enjoyable. For others, it's a chore. Do it only
      if you think it's fun.

      --- Selena <selenadepp@...> wrote:

      > Hi all...for all of you who can't get enough garb questions
      > (sarcasism), here's another one from a newbie..What is the appropiate
      > fabric to use when making your first outfit..I ask this because I
      > heard a man at the last meeting say that after 12 years he was
      > completely period..I was under the impression, from another kingdom we
      > declined to join, that you were supposed to use the fabric you would
      > have found at that time, or as close to it as possible(ie.
      > linen)..thanks for any info

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