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8347Re: [SCA Newcomers] Clothing and (Movies)

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  • Signora Beatrice
    May 1, 2006
      Unto Frank, greetings from Beatrice

      > Without sounding too silly, can anyone recommend a resource for very
      > inexpensive clothing? I'd prefer to purchase stuff as I go, but I
      > also know I need something to simply show up in at an event.

      The most inexpensive clothing is that which you make yourself, from fabric
      you've gotten on sale. :) T-tunics and trousers are very easy to make,
      and I can point you to resources for patterns and directions that my cat
      could follow. :)

      > I have bits and parts of my old scotish garb, but plan to change to a
      > new period and realm.

      *smiles* A change of period is a goal, not a requirement. Your scottish
      garb is more than acceptable for attending events while you hunt out other

      > The movie reference is to help me understand (visualize) what time
      > periods the "holywood" equipment is suppose to have come from, for
      > example:
      > 13th Warrior
      > Gladiator
      > Kingdom of Heaven
      > Three Musketeers

      Three Musketeers is post SCA-period, being 17th century (mid 1600's). I
      haven't seen the others, but I can give you a guess from the images I find
      in a quick web search.

      Kingdom of Heaven appears to be 1200 or so.
      Gladiator is Roman, and I don't know enough about Roman history to know if
      it's Imperial or Republican Rome.
      13th Warrior is set in the 10th century (900's), and what little I've seen
      of the images confirms that it is relatively accurate.

      > Simple fact is, I'd prefer not to show up in equipment that others see
      > as to holywood, or to far fetched. I know I will need to slowly
      > develope a persona.
      > I personally favor the norsemen, as it is my true lineage, but I am
      > open to much.

      If Norse is what you are looking for, I have many resources on period
      Norse garb. Wool is your friend. :)

      There are any number of beginner garb sites, with images, fabric
      information, patterns, and instructions, as well as a ton of merchants who
      cater to everything from basic beginner garb to court garb worth hundreds
      if not thousands of dollars.

      If I can help you find anything specific, let me know.

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