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8345Re: [SCA Newcomers] Clothing and (Movies)

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  • April
    Apr 29, 2006
      Also be aware that if you are looking at buying Garb many events will have merchants who have more than reasonable prices. My husband started out with a simple t-tunic 40$ at 12th night and wore jeans until he found pants he liked at The Acorn War. Rememer the SCA is about making an "effort:" to be period. No one (except a nasty snark and if they do just ask them to loan your their MasterCard ) is going to give you grief about having only a partial outfit. The idea behind the SCA is to enjoy yourself and not go broke getting a wardrobe. That being said if you make or buy ( and if you check out the SCA site the basic T tunic is very easy to make and with some trim you can dress it up wonderfully) you can start out with pants from walmart or mervyns. Get sweat pants that do not have the elastic band around the bottom. As long as you dont have a stripe down the side they work great.


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