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  • xwecklox
    Mar 12, 2006
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      SO I'd really like to come but I'm a little worried. See, there's
      been some bad things said about "rennies" and "those people". I'm
      sure you're familiar enough with those so I won't bother. I'm going
      to a newcomers thing at the end of the month but my question is am I
      going to run into a bunch of people who ramble on and on about lady
      this and sir that? Are they going to make me roll my eyes and wish
      I'd never come? I've run into a few people like that over the years
      and all it did was turn me off. I love medieval studies and the
      reenactment seems interesting but I'm just a little nervous. Is the
      place going to be crawling with scary people or will it be (KIND OF)
      normal? Hope this makes sense.
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