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7932Period Research - Lecture Series

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  • celtk9equine
    Jan 8, 2006
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      Good morning Everyone:

      Just had to share this wonderful research source.

      The Teaching Company offers "Great Courses" in Ancient and Mideval
      History. This particular course is a three part lecture series (36
      lectures on 6 DVDS along with three guidebooks of notes)
      entitled "The Era of the Crusades" by Professor Kenneth W. Harl,
      Professor of Classical and Byzantine studies at Tulane University.
      The lectures not only cover the crusades in detail, Part I covers the
      times/causes leading up to the Crusades, from the fall of the Roman
      empire to the dawn of the crusades. It would be of interest to many
      SCAdians because it includes great information on all three great
      empires - the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire and the Islamic
      Empire - within most of our period.

      "My" particular copy was found in the local library - no inter-
      library or univesity library required.


      ~ Ysolt de la Mere
      Barony of Caer Mear, Atlantia