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7886Re: [SCA Newcomers] Digest Number 984

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  • Josey Wales
    Dec 1, 2005
      Actually there are 5 . . . my buddy and I joined in Feb, he took the name Justin, and his mundane name is also Scot (just one T though)! One of him is way plenty, I can't imagine 5 of you!
      Run people run for your lives !! =]

      Message: 3
      Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 09:16:40 -0500
      From: Iustinos Tekton called Justin
      Subject: Re: Hello

      Speaking of "not me, the other Justin"....

      I telecommute for an engineering consultancy; that is, I work at home. So
      yesterday I'm sitting at my desk setting up a source code repository for
      a project, and the phone rings. "Hello," says the caller, "I'm calling
      about the SCA. I'm a newcomer, and my name is Justin."

      So I tell him my name is Justin, too, and we have a laugh about that. Then
      I realize it might be the other Justin from the SCANewcomers list, and I
      ask him about that. He's never heard of this list.
      Do you people realize the meaning of this? There are now THREE OF US! Plus there is another Justin who volunteers for the "questions at sca.org" email address.

      The rest of you are *not* needlessly paranoid -- it's really happening.
      It *is* a vast Justin-wing conspiracy, and we *are* insinuating ourselves
      into the halls of power.

      "Soon, we shall rule the world! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

      ()xxxx[]::::::::::::::::::> <::::::::::::::::::[]xxxx()
      Maistor Iustinos Tekton called Justin (Scott Courtney)
      Gules, on a bezant a fleam sable and on a chief dovetailed Or two
      keys fesswise reversed sable.

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