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  • Coblaith Mhuimhneach
    Oct 14, 2005
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      gwyns_quest wrote:
      > About the newsletters--are they locally published by each Kingdom, or
      > do they originate from one centralized location and are about the SCA
      > in general?

      Paid members get a kingdom newsletter. It will mention things relevant
      Society-wide from time to time (like changes to corpora--the rules that
      govern the Society), but most of its content will be kingdom-specific.
      Most local groups will probably have a newsletter, as well, with the
      possible exception of the newest and smallest. It's strongly
      encouraged--even required, for groups of a certain status. (Society
      policy states, "It is crucial that the members of a local group
      communicate with one another, and a newsletter is an excellent method
      of communicating with the populace.. . .Any group that wishes to
      achieve the status of Barony should have a regular newsletter, and any
      group that aspires to higher status than baronial must have a
      newsletter.") Many groups give their newsletters out for free to
      anyone who asks.

      There are two Society periodicals, which you can research and purchase
      through the main SCA site <http://sca.org/docs/welcome.html>, but
      they're not newsletters. Other publications of general SCA interest
      (like the New Members' Guide and the Known World Handbook, which might
      be of especial use to someone who wants to get started in the SCA but
      doesn't have a lot of local resources) are also available through the
      site. And, of course, there are online resources there, including a
      newcomers' section <http://www.sca.org/newcomers.html>.

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