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  • meryn_dun_kylianra
    Jan 1, 2001
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      Ayuh! tis tru! But ye milord Grimulf, ha' no' the
      excuse for ye know me :D Tis an honest enuff mistake,
      (guess me need ta git a pic posted huh? lol) M'thynks mt
      profile e'en sez female :D but tis hard sometymes to
      know, whence ye online & usin thys farspeaker ;) lol
      <br>And milord Sheridan, am a lady, no' a lord :D LOL,
      and soon as me gurl emails me bak, I wyll pass on the
      info :D (but as thys IS NewYears, it may be a few dayz
      afore she recovers enuff too do so! lol) <br>Hope ALL
      had a good New Years, & me hopes tis tha' thys yr
      bryngs ye happiness as well! Stay safe...& WARM!! ~Anon
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