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7631Re: [SCA Newcomers] Hello from a "newbie"

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  • Janet
    Sep 18, 2005
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      Lots of people seem to pick one persona, but wear
      clothes (try to keep one culture and time period per
      outfit, but other wise it's all good) from other
      cultures and even time periods. It's one of those
      handy things about the SCA, just because you're 12th
      century french doesn't mean you can wear mongolian
      garb or 15th cent english just because you want to. A
      persona is just your primary emphasis. Some people do
      research multiple personas, but it's kind of hard to
      keep multiple names (especially the names) and
      personas straight most of the time.

      > > Are there many SCAdians who assume more
      > > than one personna?
      > Absolutely! Personally, I've only worked out one
      > persona story so far, and lots of my costuming
      > efforts
      > are geared to her (10th c Irish widow living in
      > Dublin's "Viking" community). But I also do a bit of
      > traveling between times and cultures, depending on
      > comfort (hot humid summers led me to early Roman and
      > Greek styles), what catches my eye (my friend's
      > Moorish tunics look *really* comfy) and new things I
      > want to try (such as a late-period authentic Irish
      > gown for next 12th Night).
      > Okay, two questions down. What's next? ;)
      > Yours in service,
      > Lady Grainne ingen Lugdach
      > Shire of Roxbury Mill
      > Atlantia
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