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7630Re: [SCA Newcomers] Hello from a "newbie"

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  • Willie Walter
    Sep 18, 2005
      Greetings, Orestrina!

      --- Dana Darr <orestrinadelrossi@...> wrote:

      > Now if I
      > can just keep
      > from trying to do "everything" at once...

      Now *there's* a challenge! :)

      > I have found a plethora of places to get
      > good info on the
      > construction of garb, but are there groups for
      > particular crafts and
      > skills?

      Definitely! Do a yahoogroups search on SCA + just
      about any craft, culture, period, modern geographical
      area, etc., etc. I have a raging case of "hobby of the
      week syndrome," so I'm on LOTS of lists! ;) Topics
      from authenticity to various string crafts to camping
      to Old Irish to herbalism to Norse topics to garb to
      natural dyes to... ;)

      > Are there many SCAdians who assume more
      > than one personna?

      Absolutely! Personally, I've only worked out one
      persona story so far, and lots of my costuming efforts
      are geared to her (10th c Irish widow living in
      Dublin's "Viking" community). But I also do a bit of
      traveling between times and cultures, depending on
      comfort (hot humid summers led me to early Roman and
      Greek styles), what catches my eye (my friend's
      Moorish tunics look *really* comfy) and new things I
      want to try (such as a late-period authentic Irish
      gown for next 12th Night).

      Okay, two questions down. What's next? ;)

      Yours in service,
      Lady Grainne ingen Lugdach
      Shire of Roxbury Mill

      Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005
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