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7616Hello from a "newbie"

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  • Dana Darr
    Sep 12, 2005
      Hello to Everyone!

      I've hovered at the peripheries of the SCA for a number of years,
      longing for the time and resources needed to be able to participate.
      I finally have both of the above at once! Now if I can just keep
      from trying to do "everything" at once...

      On that note, I thought that this group might be able to give me some
      nice, even-handed feedback. From what I have read on your boards,
      this seems to be the right place to be "new" from a number of
      angles. I have seen a few postings on choosing a time period and/or
      a name, but are there also discussions herein regarding the A&S
      pursuits? I have found a plethora of places to get good info on the
      construction of garb, but are there groups for particular crafts and

      I started a Venetian gown this summer and have been working on
      creating a Courtesan persona to "flesh" things out ;P In the past, I
      have constructed garb from various periods ranging from late medieval
      to rococo. Are there many SCAdians who assume more than one personna?

      Stopping at two questions sounds like a good idea!

      (Dana Darr, Columbus, Ohio)
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