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  • Kristine Elliott
    Aug 17, 2005
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      Temair, "ingen" means "daughter of" not just "of". If you like, I can
      email SCA Heralds and ask how to put in Gaelic "Temair of the Creek"
      and whether they would consider it to be a reasonable byname in
      Gaelic. (I don't know a lot of Gaelic myself, but I do know who to
      ask!) You can join SCA Heralds yourself and ask, too; it isn't a
      closed list but it is sometimes very busy.

      The problem with finding the correct words for your elements in Gaelic
      is ... it might not be that simple. If you look at "Quick and Easy
      Gaelic Names" in the St. Gabriel's Medieval Name Archive (
      http://www.medievalscotland.org/scotnames/quickgaelicbynames/ ), you
      will notice that even in the simple patronymics, the father's name
      (after "mac" or "ingen" or "inghean") changes spelling, sometimes
      substantially. I don't KNOW the same thing will happen in a
      constructed Irish place-name, but I don't know for sure that it won't,
      either. In fact, when I consult people with Gaelic names, I do my best
      and then tell them to "Allow changes" on their form, because I am no
      expert in Gaelic, and if they don't allow changes and I made the
      tiniest error, the name will be returned for more work, which is
      always a bummer.

      In English place names there several places which are essentially
      number+tree, like Sevenoaks, which appears as Sevenac in 1200. A few
      other elements that appear after a number are –hampton , which is a
      farmstead, -stone which means what it looks like, and –hide, which is
      a unit of measure for land. There may be more; those are what I saw on
      a quick run-through of Victor Watt's _The Cambridge Dictionary of
      English Place-Names_. I didn't look at every number (I think I look at
      five and seven, to be honest, and relied a bit on my memory).

      I hope this helps a little. Please feel free to ask me more questions
      on your name, on or off list. I would be glad to help you, or anyone
      else, to work on their name.


      PS: You're not a dunce! We just misunderstood each other.

      On 8/17/05, Tia <teedle77@...> wrote:
      > Cateline,
      > Thank you! Now I get it!......OK Now I just have to find a source that
      > shows the pattern of Number+animal+body of water....
      > Maybe I'll Just go with Temair of the creek (Temair Ingen Geo'dh) it
      > might be easier *l*
      > English to Galic Dictionary Link....
      > http://www.ceantar.org/Dicts/MF2/index.html ... hope I
      > picked the
      > right definitions....
      > OK now "IF" I can prove it would work...my name would look like this
      > In Gaelic... Temair Ingen Cethircattgeo'dh ..... Wow what a mouth Full!
      > I never would have thought Researching a name could get so complex. I
      > am Glad there are Heralds that can help me, As well as Folks who just
      > have an intrest in it!
      > Again Thank you, Sorry if I was being a Dunce.....back to the research.
      > Temair


      If you can't get rid of them ugly old skeletons in the closet, at
      least teach 'em how to dance funny. Billy C. Wirtz
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