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  • Kristine Elliott
    Aug 16, 2005
      There is a difference between saying "locative names are rare but
      period in Ireland" and saying "Temair Four Cat Creek is period." The
      next step is to figure out what Irish locative names look like and see
      if Four Cat Creek fits that pattern or can be made to fit that pattern
      -- we're talking about entering heavy linguistics territory here.
      (Certainly, beyond me -- I could help a person with an English
      locative, but I am no expert in Irish Gaelic.)

      Of course, as you mentioned before, you can call yourself whatever you
      want. If you chose to register a device, you will have to register it
      under a name that meets the CoA's minimum standards for authenticity.
      Frankly, with what you have now (and the documentation you have
      mentioned on the list), I doubt your name is registerable. Your
      choice, of course. I always recommend that my clients go as period as
      they can stand with their name -- I believe they will be happier with
      it in the long run, and I like people to be happy.


      On 8/16/05, Tia <teedle77@...> wrote:
      > Temair Of Four Cat Creek is a do-able name choice and not quite as un
      > heard of as you think, if you check Gabriels page under
      > the "Vanishingly rare section" it notes Locative Bynames.....Rare yes
      > But Not unheard of.
      > Thank you for your help & Information :-)
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