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6874Re: [SCA Newcomers] Hellos!

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  • Doug Petroshius
    Feb 8, 2005
      I recommend going to the kingdom webpage (in your case www.midrealm.org) and
      going to their Royal Majesty's webpage. Often times they will have a
      wishlist of things they would like made for their reign. It's a really good
      place to start.


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      > >Wow, I've already made two posts and I haven't even introduced myself
      > >(how rude of me). My mundane name is Janet. I'm out here in the Middle
      > >Kingdom. If you hadn't guessed by my two posts, I've been around SCA
      > >for a while now. I joined this list because I've been having some
      > >issues finding good information on ettiquette at events and such. My
      > >prime example being the question I've been searching for an answer to
      > >most of this morning. I hope someone here may have an answer to it.
      > >When one attends a coronation, should you take a gift for the new king
      > >and queen. If so any suggestions on what to take.
      > >Thanks,
      > >Janet
      > >
      >Greetings Janet,
      >Sometimes groups like a shire will get together and make items that a king
      >or queen may be used during their reign, like award badges that will be
      >given out during court, or gifts to give to visiting royalty like period
      >I've also seen scribes give blank scrolls that may be used during court by
      >their majesties to give to award recipients.
      >Mostly the gifts are items that are used for the kingdom as a whole.
      >Gifts from the general populace are not expected. That doesn't mean that
      >you can't give something to their majesties if you feel the need just that
      >it isn't expected.
      >Hillary of Langeforde
      >Midland's Regional Chatelaine
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