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6805Help with bad grommets (was: I need a better punching tool.)

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  • Marco and Jitka Sainte
    Jan 1, 2005
      bronwynmgn@... wrote:

      > In a message dated 1/1/2005 5:56:52 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      > aferrell@... writes:
      > <<For either one, I really would suggest
      > stabilizing the area they are going. Most patterns have this in their
      > instructions. This is usually done with interfacing. It makes it a
      > little harder to go through the extra layers if you are using grommets,
      > but is worth the extra effort in the longevity of your garment.>>
      > In period, one of the more common methods for making lacing holes was
      > to do
      > handsewn eyelets. Interestingly, the area where these were to be
      > placed was
      > also stabilized, based on surviving scraps and pieces of clothing from
      > the
      > period. The area where the eyelets were to be sewn would be faced
      > with a piece
      > of silk, and the eyelets worked through both whatever the garment
      > material
      > was and the silk. Silk being a rather strong fabric, it works quite
      > effectively. Something else that helps with keeping the holes from
      > ripping out is,
      > rather than punching a hole in the fabric, using a dull awl or
      > similar tool to
      > pass between the fibers of the weave and stretch a hole open. Since you
      > haven't cut any fibers, the hole is less likely to fray or rip open
      > further,
      > whereas cutting the fibers produces a weak spot in the fabric.

      Ok, I have a couple of grommets that came out of my bodice (bad
      grommets! no biscuit!) and I don't know how to fix them. The hole is
      huge, but I do have some of the original fabric, and, strangely enough,
      some silk, although not in the same color. How can I fix this? I assume
      it's going to involve a lot of hand-sewing, especially since I want to
      also cover the other grommets to match. (This will be quite a challenge,
      since my hand-sewing skills are horrendous, and I have the patience of a
      cat waiting for a bath.... in other words, I'd rather be doing almost
      anything BESIDES hand-sewing.) Any suggestions?

      Fiora Soranzo
      Shire of Greyhope, Constellation, Middle Kingdom

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