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  • Sean OBrien
    Nov 8, 2004
      I want to be a heavy fighter and am searching for armour. I found a helm I can't help but drool over but need to know what gauge steel is required. Could you provide a list of equipment needed to fight? I am wanting to slowly purchase what I need but don't know what all I need. Please help.

      Thank you,

      Aodh (pronounced EE, AY) O'Hoolighan

      Signora Beatrice <signorabeatrice@...> wrote:

      Unto Kevin, greetings from Beatrice.

      Good my lord, you don't have to choose so soon. You may choose a first
      name (I am sure there are many which were common in Scotland and England
      during your chosen period), and use that while you continue with your

      There may also be specialists in your area (or attending local events) who
      know lots of sources and information about your time period and
      prospective persona.

      As far as your persona influencing your activities or garb, that's
      completely up to you. There are some who choose their persona based on
      their interests, or who choose their interests/activities/garb on a single
      time period and country. There are also, however, many more who choose a
      name (from some period) and then wear and do whatever they wish.

      For example, my name, Beatrice Domenici della Campana, is 15th century
      Italian. Most of my garb is late Italian Renaissance or Tudor/Elizabethan
      English. I do, however, also attend events in Norse apron dresses, mid
      11th century woolens, and generic TSCA (typical SCA) tunics and trousers
      (especially for setting up or tearing down).

      There is a lady in our Kingdom who exclusively wears the cotehardies of
      the High Middle Ages. She does this to such an extent that there are many
      people who have known her for years who could not tell you her hair color
      (because she always wears the appropriate veils and wimples for her era).

      So, how much your persona influences your choices is entirely up to you.
      I even know a lady who started off as exclusively Elizabethan, and is now
      almost exclusively early Norse.

      --- CleKHD <CleKHD@...> wrote:
      > Ok if my first message went through disregard this, but I don't think
      > it went through so I am typing it again.
      > I need some help with persona. I went to one SCA event and am going
      > to try to go to another this next weekend but I still haven't come up
      > with a name or basic persona. I would like to do so before my next
      > event. I have narrowed it down to English or Scottish 1066-1300.
      > What I don't know is what the significant differences are between
      > these 2 cultures and within this time period as it applies to the
      > SCA. I know the general history, monarchs, wars, etc., but that
      > doesn't really help me regarding this. What I don't know is how
      > these cultures and time period affect my choice of garb, activities,
      > etc. I have looked at several online sites, have a better idea on
      > nameing patterns, but still don't know enough to choose. Any help
      > would be most appreciated.

      In Service to the Dream and to An Tir,
      Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana, AoA

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