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6567Need Persona Help

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  • CleKHD
    Nov 7, 2004
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      Ok if my first message went through disregard this, but I don't think
      it went through so I am typing it again.

      I need some help with persona. I went to one SCA event and am going
      to try to go to another this next weekend but I still haven't come up
      with a name or basic persona. I would like to do so before my next
      event. I have narrowed it down to English or Scottish 1066-1300.
      What I don't know is what the significant differences are between
      these 2 cultures and within this time period as it applies to the
      SCA. I know the general history, monarchs, wars, etc., but that
      doesn't really help me regarding this. What I don't know is how
      these cultures and time period affect my choice of garb, activities,
      etc. I have looked at several online sites, have a better idea on
      nameing patterns, but still don't know enough to choose. Any help
      would be most appreciated.

      Thank You,

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