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  • Milica of Varna
    Sep 3, 2004
      Justin is shameless! But, yes, I would encourage anyone who enjoys writing to
      consider either serving as your group's chronicler or contributing articles
      to the group's newsletter. Far too few people take on this valuable work.

      What does a chonicler do? The office of Chronicler produces a group's
      newsletter, the purpose of which is to keep members informaed about the
      activities of the group, educated on issues of interest to the membership and
      entertained. A newsletter can be one sheet of paper or it can be many pages.
      It all depends on the needs of the group - and quite frankly the group's
      ability to pay for printing and postage. This is an extremely valuable
      service since it bears the responsibility of keeping members informed. I
      would highly recommend that anyone with an interest in writing to get
      involved in this way. It's useful, it's appreciated, and most important, it's


      On Friday 03 September 2004 08:44, Iustinos Tekton called Justin wrote:
      > But Milica is on this list also, so I will let her issue her own shameless
      > plug for that office. ;-)  Hey Milica, here's your segue:  "Gee, Milica, I
      > wonder how many newcomers aren't aware of what a Chronicler does?


      THL Milica of Varna
      Middle Kingdom Chronicler

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