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  • Iustinos Tekton called Justin
    Sep 1, 2004
      On Wednesday 01 September 2004 09:26, Susan Farmer wrote:
      > > lastly, I've been thinking about approaching an old friend who is a
      > > Laurel about apprenticing with her. I don't think I have the talent or
      > > the skills to become a Laurel, but it seems to me that such an
      > > apprenticeship would give me a structure and something to work on at
      > > events, since I'm not a fighter. Does this seem like a good idea, or
      > > are there implications of such an apprenticeship that I don't know
      > > about that could cause problems?
      > I have no clue there either.  there's a Laurel Household in my area that
      > I'd love to be a part of.  On the one hand, I don't feel qualified for
      > that membership; on the other hand -- what better way to learn!

      The specifics of a peer/dependent relationship (Laurel/Apprentice, Knight/
      Squire, or Pelican/Protege) are defined by the two individuals on a case-by-
      case basis, within *extremely* broad guidelines set by the kingdom and SCA.
      So the implications of the relationship are basically "whatever the two of
      you agree they should be."

      Bear in mind that you don't have to be in any kind of formal relationship
      in order to learn from an expert in a field. I am a Pelican, and I do not
      currently have any Proteges. But there are a couple of individuals whom I
      am mentoring on an informal basis -- mostly within the Chirurgeonate, where
      I am very active -- without any kind of formal contract. I haven't seen
      any reason why asking someone to be my Protege would increase my ability
      to mentor or their ability to learn. :-)

      If you do decide to enter into a formal apprenticeship with someone, be
      sure that both of you have a clear understanding of your expectations for
      the relationship. I've seen plenty of cases where one party or the other
      ended up disappointed and/or hurt because the relationship wasn't what
      they thought they were agreeing to do. If the Laurel in question is an
      old friend of yours, then you have the advantage of knowing him/her as
      a human being first -- and I would advise anyone thinking of a peer/
      dependent relationship to take that step first.

      My advice to you is to spend some time in introspection, so that you can
      clearly articulate your own goals and what you hope to learn from this
      person. Then sit down one-on-one, in a relaxed and unhurried setting, and
      explain to the Laurel what you are seeking. Be honest about what you want
      in terms of the formality of the relationship -- if you really just want
      informal mentoring, then it's perfectly okay (indeed, advisable) to say
      that right up front. That is exactly what happened with one person who
      approached me -- he specifically said, "I'm not looking to be a protege,
      but I think you could teach me a lot about (topic), and I was wondering
      if you would be willing to be a sounding board when I need advice in that
      area." It was a lot easier for me to agree to this informal arrangement
      than to formally accept a protege, when I really wasn't looking for that
      kind of relationship yet (as a relatively new Pelican).

      There are some peers who prefer to be the inviter rather than the invitee
      for apprentices/squires/proteges. Don't be hurt if the person you approach
      says that they prefer to observe your work/prowess/service over time. I
      don't know anyone in the peerage orders who would be angry that you
      asked, though. At worst, they might simply explain this isn't the way they
      prefer to recruit. And there are quite a few peers who simply choose not
      to take dependents -- it's not a requirement, after all. Or they may feel
      that they already have enough dependents and can't realistically accept
      any more students at the current time. If this turns out to be the case,
      don't take it personally, because it just means the peer is smart enough
      not to over-commit their time and thereby do a bad job of teaching. :-)

      As in so many other situations, honest introspection of your own goals, needs,
      and level of long-term commitment, followed by open and honest communication
      with the other person in the proposed relationship, will serve you well.


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