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  • Susan Farmer
    Sep 1, 2004
      > I'm a sort-of newcomer - I just got back from Pennsic, my first event
      > in 30 years <g>. I'm getting back into SCA because my children (my son
      > particularly) is very interested, and some of our best friends are
      > very deeply involved. Even though technically we're on the northern
      > edge of Cynnabar in the Middle Kingdom (Ann Arbor, Michigan area)
      > we'll probably be playing with the newly forming Canton of Weald Lake
      > because that's where our friends are.

      Welcome back! My hiatus wasn't as long (only 10 years) but one of the
      reasons that I came back was my son -- it's proved to be a very good
      "carrot" in terms of Good Grades. :-)

      > Now, I understand, there is a great fighting household called
      > Morningstar, and after 30+ years the joke is a bit thin - am I stuck
      > with that name or can I change it? And does the award of arms travel
      > with that name, or can I still use it as a different personna?

      I'm given to understand that we have several cases like that in Meridies.
      The award belongs to you. You may have to submit documentation that
      you're you (I don't know that for a fact, I'm guessing .....), but the
      award travels with you.

      > I used Elen (an archaic Welsh form of Ellen) ap Rhys (the Welsh form
      > of my last name, Price) at Pennsic, and was told that just about
      > everybody and his brother with a Welsh personna uses ap Rhys as a last
      > name, and apparently there are some famous fighters that use ap Rhys.
      > Does this mean I can't (or shouldn't) use 'ap Rhys'?

      Heavens no. All that means was your father was named Rhys -- ap is the
      patronymic in Wales. If you register the name, the college of heralds
      may change it to "ferch" which I *think* is the Welch "daughter of"
      I'm sure someone here will know and correct me if I'm wrong.

      > Also - at Pennsic, there was a Newcommer's workshop given on "The Well
      > Dressed Newcomer" by Mistress Arianna Morgan - I wanted to attend,
      > but couldn't make it due to other committments. Does anyone know how I
      > can reach Mistress Arianna to get the handouts from the workshop?

      Have no clue there, but there are lots of good Newcomer Garb sites on
      the web. Do you have a time period of interest or is Elen going to
      be the Garbed Time Traveler (tm) like many of us. There's a lady on
      one of my groups who's sig like is "I'm a child of the '60s -- 1160, 1260,
      1360 ....."

      > lastly, I've been thinking about approaching an old friend who is a
      > Laurel about apprenticing with her. I don't think I have the talent or
      > the skills to become a Laurel, but it seems to me that such an
      > apprenticeship would give me a structure and something to work on at
      > events, since I'm not a fighter. Does this seem like a good idea, or
      > are there implications of such an apprenticeship that I don't know
      > about that could cause problems?

      I have no clue there either. there's a Laurel Household in my area that
      I'd love to be a part of. On the one hand, I don't feel qualified for
      that membership; on the other hand -- what better way to learn!

      Jerusha in Meridies
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