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5972Re: [SCA Newcomers] Fabric questions

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  • Tirloch O'Riordain
    Jul 3, 2004
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      Terrie B. wrote:

      > Oh dear. I seemed to have stirred up the pot. I truly apologize if I
      > my question has caused any disturbances. My thanks to all who replied!
      > I do value your input!
      > Not quite scared away,
      > T


      You stirred nothing up dear Lady... you but asked a simple question.
      As in all large organizations, occasionally different subjects will
      strike cords with certain people, which often brings out more of an
      emotional response than they may wish. I am sad that such a discussion
      would take place on this list, but please take no fault of it upon
      yourself. If nothing else, you were given a good indicator of the many
      different views people have about costuming in the SCA, and therefore
      you have a good starting point from which to make up your own mind on
      what appeals to you.

      I hope that you find the SCA to be a rewarding pastime, as so many of us

      Your Servant,

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