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  • Susan Farmer
    Apr 26, 2004
      > Well, after a lot of hunting, I mangaged to get one! Not quite a
      > boxed set, but two types of nibs, thick and thin (ish). It's a
      > sheaffer (getting those cartriges is a bummer though..)

      I can say that it's *much* cheaper to fill your own cartridges.

      and it comes
      > with an instruction sheet - Gothic Chancery and Unical styles are
      > included. I've also got an alphabet off the internet - Celtic. I
      > have to say, I do like the Celtic style, and the unical style the
      > best.(gothic's a bit complicated, and I'm not too keen on Chancery.)

      One thing that I found -- I practiced and practiced and it never would
      look "right" my letters weren't parallel and all that stuff. So I
      just wrote with the pen. Everything. School notes, checks, etc.
      Everything. Then when I tried calligraphy again, it all fell into

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