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5613And the boy don't even know his last name....

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  • mike
    Apr 1, 2004
      Greetings again,

      I'm a little stuck in my brief SCA experience, and am needing a little assistance....

      My chosen Persona is an Anglo Saxon of the late 10th century. I've gotten with my Herald, and there's not gonna be a problem with my first name (Alric), and I have a device being worked on. However, I need to get a last name to register any of it.

      Now my research is pulling up that Anglo Saxon last names are mostly non-exsistent; they were either descriptive, or of the location. I was going to go with the generic "of An Dun Theine" just so I can get the ball rolling on registrations (because the Heralds I consulted with @ Gulf Wars told I could do that and change the last name later).

      Anyway, I've just officially assumed the Chronicler's office in our shire- and while I know I'm not gonna have anything actually registered anytime soon, I'd just like to come up with a last name-and get things where they need to be....

      Any ideas or suggestions would be most helpful.

      Alric/ jmt
      Chronicler/Co-Webminster, the Shire of An Dun Theine

      (a)Rw the new element
      www.radiowerks.tk<http://www.radiowerks.tk/> -freeform mayhem 24/7, LIVE on Shoutcast and Peercast networks
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