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  • chemistbb3
    Mar 1, 2004
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      Crown Tourney's are the only tourneys there is a rule that requires a
      fighter to have a consort, and the consort has to be of the opposite
      sex, per Corpra(sp?). I know of a couple of Tourney's that, due to
      formats, want a fighter to fight for someone of the opposite sex. At
      these tourneys there is normally a "pool" of folks tht have made it
      know that they are willing to be fought for for the purpose of the
      Tourney. Normally you can fight for whomever you wish' provided it
      is OK with them. If you wish to fight for someone, just ask them.
      If it is something they do not want, they will tell you very
      politely, unless they are total jerks. I know of one instance were a
      guy fought for his regional fighting group. Lastly, in the majority
      of tourneys, you do not have to fight for anyone if that is your
      choice. I fought for quite a while for myself before I was asked to
      fight for someone. I even remember a tourney where she made an
      arrangement for me to fight for someone because the situation called
      for another to fight for her. I know of folks who ask fighters to
      fight for them for certian periods of time, an event, a particular
      battle, etc. I have actually seen a fighters consort ask another
      fighter to uphold her honor against her fighter for one fight as she
      felt her fighter had slighted her. He switched sides at a Pas d'Arms
      without her permission in order to even up the sides.


      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "ankashai"
      <booksbybrittany@h...> wrote:
      > I just have a few questions regarding who you can fight for
      > a list. My problem is that I don't really have a consort; I have a
      > good friend, but she's the same gender as me, and I remember
      > somewhere that your consort must be the opposite gender ( though
      > may have just been specifically for crown list. I'm in Trimaris, if
      > it makes a difference ).
      > The question is, what do you do when you need someone to fight
      > but don't have a consort? Wander through the crowd until you find
      > some single person of the opposite sex ( a task that I imagine is
      > quite a bit easier for guys than girls. )? Fight for someone not
      > involved with the SCA what so ever? ( I could fight for my dad, I
      > suppose... he's not in the SCA though, just vaugely interested
      > because I am )
      > What about fighting for someone who is married? For example, the
      > person whose been taking care of me at events ( I'm a minor, so I
      > have a legal guardian for SCA events )? What is the
      > proper 'protocal', per se, in such a situation? I'd imagine that
      > be a good idea to ask the wife first, but anything else?
      > Thanks!
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