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4933Re: Great Kilt inspectors unite!

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  • lilolondonnowoeoforwic
    Aug 27, 2003
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      Tempus is a darlin' man.. don't live too far frum me...
      kinda like down tha road a-ways (some 50 miles).. and he has GREAT
      ain't seen much of 'im lately.
      Those that know 'im, certainly luv 'im!!
      and he sure knows his garb!!
      check out some of 'is pics in garb... 'e's a fine man, 'e is!


      -- wambat wrote:
      > For those interested in Kilt history and how they fit in period
      > this seems like a good site...
      > http://www.pipcom.com/~tempus/earlygarb/index.html
      > Very good instructions for care of and wearing of the Great Kilt.
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