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3940RE: [SCA Newcomers] Garb Questions and more!

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  • Jherle HX
    Dec 11, 2002
      If you are interested in fighting, I suggest the Ironrose web site.
      http://www.peak.org/~grainne/Ironrose/ There's a lot of information
      regarding women fighting there. Both with heavy and light weapons. I
      fight heavy weapons and wear pretty much the same armor as the men do.

      Women in pants aren't common in some time periods. I wear pants as my
      garb and have yet to have anyone bother me about it.


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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Garb Questions and more!

      Okay, garb questions- Can anyone find any historical documentation
      for front lacing bodices in the mid 1500's in england? and where
      does one buy very very small grommets? (size 00 two peice grommets
      and a setter.) i refuse to use eyelets, they irk me.
      also, what does a woman fighter wear? skirts seem like a hinderance
      but i'm sure a woman in pants isn't common, though i did once see a
      woodcutting of a renaissance woman on a hunt in those poufy pants.
      and is there a basic website that has something of a general
      overveiw of different periods and cultures that one can chose a
      persona from?
      and about what time period did light weapons fighting come into

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