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3743Re: questions regarding fighting and personas for a couple.

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  • chemistbb3
    Nov 1, 2002
      The later, the better I would have to say. Let your wife pick her
      time and then you can work from there. Although I know a few earlier
      period Rapier fighters, most of them are late period. Unfortunately,
      that puts you on a lot of white armor (plate), which can get pretty
      hot to play in depending on where you live.


      --- In scanewcomers@y..., "rws1995" <rws95@S...> wrote:
      > my wife and I are newcomers to sca and I am interested in heavy
      > fighting, and she may be interested in rapier fighting. We would
      > like to have personas from the same period. I've been looking on
      > web and finding conflicting info (especially in newsgroups). About
      > what time period would we be able to work with to accomodate both
      > interests.
      > Thanks,
      > rws95
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