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3384Re: [SCA Newcomers] Newcomer name and lineage

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  • george marko
    Sep 1, 2002
      I figured he would have some jewish background since the name Ezekial is Hebrew...I have not seen the name come up in any english name bases....If it is alright for him to be full english with no jewish background I have no problem with it...I just wanted to make sure using Ezekial would not create a snag in the naming process..I honestly have grown fond of the name..The Raines surname does have true english heritage..I have found the Coat of Arms (Black Shield w/ Silver Chevron between 3 silver lions rampant) Crest (Silver lion rampant) as well as latin motto (Judicium parium aut leges terrae) that went with it..I thought that using Ezekial as my first name would cause a problem
      My personas basic make up would be born in Kent, England, between 455-470 AD...the time of King Arthur Geoffrey of Monmouth..Grandfather is a knight with the past and previous King, father didnt want it and became a merchant (what kind of merchant still needs to be decided)..Ezekial wants to follow in his grandfathers footsteps, seeing I want to become a fighter and soon to be knight...I know alot has to be filled in especially when it comes to the specfics of the time period..money used, how they told time, manners, skills, historic event, hobbies, and so on..Am I on the right track or do major changes needed to be made? Thank you so much for your help with this Lady Morgan.

      Ezekial Raines
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      > The character would have been adopted by John and Elizabeth as a baby and
      > brought up English......he would have known very little of jewish
      > traditions, or language

      I understand that that was what you intended - What I was asking was, "Is
      this a plausible story: did English people ever adopt Jewish babies, or even
      know they existed to be adopted?" There was not such a thing as an adoption
      agency back then; most orphaned children would have been raised as a matter
      of course by other family members, other members of the local religious
      community to which they belonged, or at most placed with another family of
      the same religious persuasion through the intermediary of a cleric of the
      religion of their family. I don't see a Jewish rabbi handing a Jewish child
      over to a Christian couple to raise, nor a Christian cleric being involved
      with the adoptions of Jewish orphans.
      The concept of a couple being willing to adopt a child not of their race or
      religion is a very modern one, as is adoption as we understand it today. In
      period, someone might be legally granted wardship over the child (usually an
      heir or heiress of some means) by the courts, but would not necessarily
      consider them as their own child; the ward was someone whose lands they were
      to administer (and often skim as much profit off of as possible), before
      selling the marriage of the child to the highest bidder in terms of
      dowry/dower. People fought over the wardships of children who stood to
      inherit considerable lands and money, but a poor Jewish child? "That's the
      Jews' responsbility!"

      My statement about a Jew being raised in England being able to have a
      thorough grounding in English language, manners, and customs was a suggestion
      of a more plausible way in which a Jewish man would have that knowledge,
      rather than going through an implausible persona story, if it is essential
      that the persona be Jewish in race, but have a good knowledge of English
      manners, customs, and language.

      I think you have the makings a a well-rounded, truly focussed persona story,
      which is rare in the SCA, but basing that persona story on an implausible
      beginning, when there are other ways to have the persona have similar
      knowledge and skills, seems odd. Since it seems that you want the persona to
      have all the advantages of being raised English, I am not sure why you want
      the persona to be Jewish by race, since it does not seem that his Jewishness
      has any bearing on what he actually does in life.

      Brangwayna Morgan

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