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  • chemistbb3
    Aug 8, 2002
      If you need basket hilts or sheild baskets, as an off the shelf
      item, try these guys. They sell to a couple of other vendors, so
      you can get them direct at a little bit of a discount. They are used
      regularly around here. The basket hilts do need a little
      modification once you get them to allow "free rotation", but that's
      only about a 10-15 minute modification.



      --- In scanewcomers@y..., "Wolfshadow72" <wolfshadow72@y...> wrote:
      > ahhh....I see...
      > Well...*ponders* As much as I'd like to give business to members of
      > my own Barony, I certainly dont object to giving business to ANYONE
      > in the SCA - I take it you make armour....? :) If so, you *might*
      > just want to drop me an email (its wolfshadow72@yahoo) - I have not
      > ordered from BtS just yet (I'm waiting for my few electronic bills
      > clear before I decide how much I can afford to spend on 'toys' this
      > month...) Or even if you were thinking of someone in particular
      > you nkow who makes armour and who'd want the business...let me
      > I'm looking to buy arms, legs and kidney belt (steel knee and elbow
      > cops, articulated, with leather arm, shoulder and thigh guards); a
      > shield basket or even a new shield would be welcome as well...I'm
      > doing a little more comparative window-shopping online tonight for
      > styles and approx pricing, but I plan on ordering from somewhere by
      > the end of the week - I need to get IN armour and be practicing
      > since I'm going to the Rolling Thunder bash down in new mexico at
      > end of september. With any luck I'll have a name and device passed
      > by then too...*crosses fingers* I hope to have those submitted by
      > the end of this week as well...
      > 'shadow
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