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  • Justinos Tekton called Justin
    Aug 1, 2002
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      On Wednesday 31 July 2002 06:01 pm, mavros_akropolites wrote:
      > I think I ordered my helm in the fall of 1999. It took more than
      > twice the length of time that I was quoted when ordering the helm.
      > Another fighter in the barony waited several months for an item
      > listed as "in-stock" on the webpage. The helm is actually beautiful
      > and very well constructed. I am constantly complemented on it. So,
      > if you can catch Crimson Hammer at an event, Pennsic for example, I
      > would certainly puchase anything he had there that fit.

      Wow. I'll have to be careful recommending them in the future. I ordered my helm
      at Pennsic, and it was promised for December. In October/November, Mr. Bauldree
      contacted me by phone to tell me that he had bee injured in an accident and
      that this was preventing him from doing the physical work of making the helms.
      He said it would push back delivery about a month. My helm arrived just about
      on schedule, with the delay due to his injury.

      I will make a point of asking around at Pennsic to see what other people's
      experiences have been.


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