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1737Re: Jararvellir first time.

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  • katfletcher
    Sep 1, 2001
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      Glad to hear Madison, WI finally connected with
      you! Sorry about the shocking intro. For the info of
      others, we hold archery practice on the site and shoot
      down range past one set of doors. It can be a big
      shock to the marshalls to have someone walk in the
      "active" set of doors. They are posted but as I recall, it
      only warns one that "Archery is in progress" not that
      one should not enter! I will bring this up with our
      folks.<br>Marion is terrific, I am glad you guys connected!<br>It
      is true that we get a whole bundle of people who
      come once or twice and then never again. But it seems
      to me that one shouldn't burn out just from being
      polite. (Maybe I haven't been polite enough to find out?
      ;) I hate to think of all the people we have missed
      out on just because of things like this. Just got to
      try more from here on out!<br>One other thing for new
      people to keep in mind is group size. Jara is big enough
      that I don't always recognize brand new people when I
      see them! In addition, since I usually only make it
      to Sunday practices, I am even more unsure. It can
      be really awkward to start off as if it were the
      persons first time and discover they have been around for
      a year, just in different places!<br>In smaller
      groups, it might be easier to recognize newer
      people.<br>I am not sure who was the archery marshall who was
      so "enthusiastic" but I can guess! We do like our
      archery here and it is a great way to draw new people
      down out of the stands and into active participation.
      Sorry if they got carried away!<br>Kathryn<br>Kathryn
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