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17286RE: [SCA Newcomers] Lilies Shoes

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  • Willliam R Davis Jr
    May 18, 2014
      A lot my depend on where you are and the local garb policies.  Here in the East Kingdom, a lot of the archers have the knee high Minnetonka boots.  Very handy to have the high leather legs when doing woods walks and or moving through underbrush looking for errant arrows.  They are very comfortable, but still cave a vibrum sole for durability.  Nicely, the soles, while vibrum, a thin enough that you can still feel arrow shafts that burrow under the grass.  They also come in 10" if you don't like knee high boots.


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      Good Morning,
      This year will be my first Lilies War. I'm looking for some comfortable shoes. My feet have a tendency to get hot. But I know people say not to wear flip flops. I shot archery and will be doing that most of the time. I don't want to spend tons of money. Just trying to get an idea. Thank You.

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