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17274RE: children's activities

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  • LishLish
    Mar 11, 2014
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      <<You don't have to do things under an official umbrella. The children's activities office is not a required office and a lot of groups have dropped it because of the problems that the new rules impose.>>

      This is probably preferable anyway, as I am still brand new!

      <<Sometimes this is a good thing about having other groups around you. Another might be further away, but be more in line with what you want to do.>>

      That's the unfortunate thing about living on an island :( No other groups I can reach easily. In time I hope to get some activities going. First I need to find out how many families with kids are involved in the SCA here. I've already got a few thoughts rolling around in my head after reading some of the files on the florilegium! :) Many thanks for all the resources! There is so much :) I'm sure I will be reading from it for a long time.

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