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17273RE: textile stuff for Alisha

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  • LishLish
    Mar 11, 2014
      <<How are you using your keyboard stand as a loom? Are you talking about using laminated paper as a writing tablet? Or as cards for weaving?>>

      I'm not sure how to describe it well. I have some pictures  https://www.facebook.com/alisha.wade.58/media_set?set=a.779949082033864.1073741837.100000563386256&type=3&uploaded=2 in this facebook album. Not great, but... I used the side bars of the stand to attach the threads to. I also used weights to help with tension. Next time I set up to do weaving I plan to take better pictures.

      I made the cards/tablets out of the laminated paper (I didn't want to cut up a pack of playing cards!) They're pretty sturdy, and worked well for me.

      <<Perhaps these Florilegium files might be of interest?>>

      So much to read so little time! lol I'm not planning to do any embroidery right now, but probably later on!

      <<If you are using your embroidery floss for cross-stitch instead of embroidery, cross-stitch was done in period, although not with the shaded pictures.>>

      I did some cross stitch long ago, and had some floss left over!

      << no_reply address... You can disguise it with (for me) StefanliRous at austin.rr.com to keep programs from using it.>>
      lishlish(at)yahoo(dot)com I noticed nobody else had their email listed, and I figured it was for a reason, so I hid mine too. Now I know it was a good idea. I get enough spam as it is :)
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