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17272Re: [SCA Newcomers] RE: A&S and Kids' Activities

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  • LishLish
    Mar 10, 2014
      << Sometimes people will get together and everyone sews a very basic T-tunic (waist length or floor length or anywhere in between) and/or trousers and/or coif in a different size, and that becomes the Gold Key stash when it’s running low.>>

      I could probably help do this. :)

      <<Yay, you’re Caidan! :)>>

      You mentioned Caidan award cords. I looked at the site and followed it around, but didn't really see what was asked... who would be best for me to ask about that?

      <<Then definitely talk to your arty, accomplished baroness!>>

      She is super busy, I've sent her an email, but gotten no response (it's been a couple weeks). I've been attending the Saturday fighter practices, but they haven't had one the last two weeks due to a need to change location, and then inclement weather. I've only seen her at one of them so far, though. His Excellency has been to all of them, if my memory serves me well. I do plan to get out to this Wednesday's practice! Hopefully there will be a good turnout, and I can make some face to face connections.

      <<There’s also an event that just happened called Arts And Archery, where archers shoot and everyone demonstrates their A&S projects.>>

       I believe I would have much enjoyed this!

      <<It’s not necessary at all to use period tools or materials, though it’s of course encouraged...
      ...Sometimes what you’ll want to try is a technique>>

      At the moment I haven't necessarily tried to "recreate" a specific extant example, as much as trying to learn how tablet weaving works. It sounds like documentation is as much as skill as the things we're trying to recreate, though!
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