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17246Re: [SCA Newcomers] Opinion on some Naming stuff...?

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  • D'vorah bint Da'ud
    Feb 6, 2014
      On 5 Feb 2014, at 12:05 PM, <dreadgerbil@...> <dreadgerbil@...> wrote:

      > Is a more modern Saints book referencing Wenna as a name going to be enough matched with the 13th century church?

      Disclaimer: I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I only offer opinions in the hope that someone who knows better will either back me up, or correct me and thereby teach me.

      Onward to the non-expert opinion:

      The thing about churches named Saint Something-or-another is that generally, if there’s a church named after a saint, there was first a saint. Church of Saint Basil? There’s somebody kicking around, sometime before the building of that church, who was called Saint Basil.

      The thing about saints is that before they become saints, they are human beings, and as human beings, they frequently have names. If there is a Saint Stephen, you can bet there was a dude named Stephen who then became a saint. If there is a Saint Theresa, you can bet there was a woman named Theresa.

      So if there was a Church of Saint Wenna, it seems pretty likely that there was a Saint Wenna, and therefore there must’ve been a human being actually named Wenna. So, theoretically at least, the existence of a record of a Church of Saint Wenna should, by transitive implication, count as documentation of humans being named Wenna.
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