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  • clairissa.digiovanni
    Nov 8, 2013
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       I have moved to the Kingdom of Meridies (eastern Ga) with my husband Giovanni Di Angelo and our 2 year old son Dominic.

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      Greetings in return - and where might you be residing now?

      Lady Tzipah
      Bestwode Shire

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       I am Fukushima no Harumi (Beautiful Spring of the Blessed Islands) formerly Isolde Textor of Adentvelt. I have been playing for over four years with a brake recently due to moving and mundane life issues but am very ready to get even more involved and also learn the necisary things to develop my new persona. My husband and I are rapier fighters (currently with no gear lol). Previously that, baronial guard and baroness' lady in waiting are all I've done I wish to change that and maybe get my award of arms someday lol.
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