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  • alienor_dharcourt
    Aug 5, 2013
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      Well met, all.

      I wanted to introduce myself. I am called Alienor and currently reside in the fabulous Barony of Stargate in the lovely kingdom of Ansteorra. I had some slight experience with the SCA about a decade ago when a very ex-boyfriend introduced me. I only went to a couple of events, but it stayed with me. Due to mundane life getting in the way, I haven't had the opportunity to participate though I've continued to pine away. Now that my daughter is a little bit older (and we have some more disposable income...daycare expenses are crazy!) I finally will be able to join in the way I've wanted to for years. I'm excited to be able to join all you fine people in Society. Thank you all for having me.

      Alienor d'Harcourt
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