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  • Stefan li Rous
    Jul 23, 2013
      Lalleshwari Sah, called Lalla commented:
      <<< P.P.S. What I meant, by doing research and documentation and checking with
      the college of heralds, is that you should do that at some point if you
      wish to have your persona's name registered. It's not technically necessary
      to do all that to start using it. A lot of people never register their
      personas' names. >>>

      Yes, you can use a name that you haven't registered or isn't registerable.

      However, I would think carefully before you do such a thing.

      In fact, I would hold off using a name until you have a good idea it *can* be registered.

      Even more I would make sure that SOMEONE ELSE hasn't registered a name before you start to use it. With the registered names online this is a fairly easy thing to do these days. When I registered my name, checking it involved getting and checking through a half-dozen floppy disks to make sure that it wasn't already registered. :-)

      But don't wait too long. Folks in the Society have a way of making up their own name for you, if you wait too long. Ask John the Plain (who answered, "I'm just plain John") or Eve the Just (who had said "I'm just Eve"). She is now after a number of years trying change that to Astridr.

      One thing to keep in mind is that at first, you really only need a first name. You can get along with just that for a while. My AoA scroll says "Stephan of Bryn Gwlad", because at that time, a year into playing in the Society, I hadn't picked a last name yet. And as you can see, the spelling changed also, but spelling was often rather irregular in period. There is at least one document where the same person's name is spelled three different ways, on the same document.

      Some people will wish to use a nickname that they've already been using outside of the SCA. Even if you can't find that name used in your time period in your region, sometimes you can come up with formal name which is close, but still use the nickname for informal use. Sometimes folks have found their nickname used as a last name, but not as a first name, and will register the name that way. Lalla, is that what you did?

      This can mean that, even if it passes the heralds as being period, you have an odd name, in that while it was used in period, it would be rather odd to hear it in your chosen period. The same goes with mixing first and last names. Today it would be strange to be Kennedy John or Bush George.

      Also remember that if you choose a difficult to read and pronounce name, even if the heralds are good and try their best, you may hear many different pronunciations in Court. :-)

      While you can always change your persona name later, the longer and wider you are known by that name the harder it will be to change it later.

      Since you rarely write your name on a lot of objects in ways that can't be changed later, using a name and then having to register a different spelling or different name seldom causes real pain.

      However, I would definitely hold off painting or carving your heraldic device on items until after you have that officially registered!


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