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17098Re: [SCA Newcomers] Tents, horses, too bright (modern color) garb and shoes for people... lol

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  • Ian Green
    May 27, 2013
      Hi, I do scribal stuff and in part we scribes deal in color. I make dyes
      that I then turn into ink. I'm certain that there are people here who are
      far more knowledgeable than I am about using dyes for fabrics.

      There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding about color in the middle
      ages. Colors in the middle ages were to the modern eye, vibrant, garish
      and clashing. Their taste in what went together is not always what we
      think of as going well together. Bright colors were perfectly normal.

      Black, there is a color that wasn't seen much. When you did see a good
      flat black that wasn't grey or mottled, it was a declaration of how wealthy
      the person wearing it was (or how wealthy their patron was.) Black is a
      very difficult color to dye fabrics in an even and complete manner.

      Why do we think of colors, especially fabric colors, as being so dull?
      Well, see how faded your clothes are in 600 to 1600 years. :-)

      Well preserved extant pieces are rare. Painting in pristine unfaded
      condition and such of those clothes are also not exactly common.

      Yet we know from making the stuff they made, and from what does survive,
      their colors were very often vibrant. Don't shy away from bright colors,
      they didn't in period.

      Yours in Service,

      Ian the Green

      On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 9:28 PM, C <wnnahrse35@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Stefen,
      > Thank you so much for the links and the info.
      > When I said "pop" it was the color not my horse herself...
      > I rode her fir the second time since winter, 2nd time in a week too...
      > She is so used to me doing weird stuff to her, I saddled her up and was
      > trotting up and down the driveway with a broom handle, stabbing at a milk
      > jug on the ground and getting her used to me carrying a stick near her
      > head... from up on her back...
      > She is a very understanding if neurotic horse.
      > I have a wooden chair I can hide under cloth and a folding one, a camp
      > cot, a sleeping bag... and will start on either buying or slightly fixing a
      > dome tent that a friend wants to lend me.
      > so back to clothing, looking at the garb I have pulled from storage (thank
      > goodness for plastic totes)
      > I have what would be a nice over dress with bell sleeves.. but for the
      > color.....
      > It is BRIGHT.. BRIGHT.. turquoise blue/green muslin looking like this
      > http://owlandpussycat.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/dsc_5034.jpg
      > but brighter..really not kidding..
      > I want to wear it, I bought it at the last SCA event in CA I went to.
      > Is there a way like tea or coffee grounds or a dye?? anything?? I really
      > like the look and the flow but really just cannot wear it with that color..
      > LOL
      > And I know I will wear boots when up on or around my horse, but I know
      > that there will be quite a bit of time where I won't be and want a shoe
      > that I can wear with my garb.
      > I found a nice closed toe slipper type shoe I know I can wear but it has
      > only a strap for around the heel.
      > Is there a simple pattern to create a "DYI" slipper?
      > I have been thinking of doing a moccasin type or english medieval type
      > slipper/shoe made from suede laces and an old leather coat I can pick up at
      > a thrift store, a simple pattern...
      > Again just a thought...
      > I know I know ...I need to keep it simple but I don't want to show up in
      > tennis shoes and a paper cone hat with a scarf on the end of it, I think I
      > wore that for halloween as a 3 or 4 yr old... LOL

      Yours In Service,

      THLord Ian the Green

      "Veritatem resistit simplicitate"

      My Blog <http://scribescribbling.wordpress.com/>

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