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17093Re: [SCA Newcomers] Re: Greetings, Sort of a Newbie... LOL

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  • Ian Green
    May 24, 2013
      Border Skirmish is a "war" between Northshield and the Middle Kingdom that
      is a whole lot of fun at a great site. Takes place June 7-9.


      I won't be there as I live about an 8 hour drive away and have an 11 month
      old baby. Though you'll be seeing a bunch of people there I know from both
      Kingdoms take some of the classes! I know each of the instructors and they
      are all good and fun people!. Congratulations on your new heirs up in
      Northshield btw, I have heard nothing but good things about your Crown
      Prince and Princess.

      Understand that the only person you need to worry about at the event is
      you. :-) Perfection is not expected by anyone. THL Phillippa who is
      teaching fingerloop braiding made my fencing armor. She refused to do it
      from anything less than a picture of period clothing and she made the
      pattern herself. She sewed it on a machine using non-period materials.
      BTW she is an amazing person and a whiz with fabric arts. She also MADE
      the huge tent that she and her three children camp in at events.

      If you're looking for advice on how to make garb more period you could do
      worse than to talk to Philippa. Of course there is Isbel Mounsdoghter who
      is also an awesome person. I'll be spending the night at her family's place
      this weekend for the Midrealm Kingdom A&S and crown. You can hit her up
      for period sewing information as well. After all it is what she got her
      Laurel in and is one of the most approachable people in the SCA I have ever
      met. If you mention that I sent you, she'll probably ask you how you "met"

      Me? No, I don't do fiber arts at all and haven't been around horses in a
      long time. I wish you the best and hope the information I gave you will be
      of use to you at the event.

      THL Ian the Green

      On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 7:41 PM, C <wnnahrse35@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Thank you all for the encouragement and ideas.
      > As I mentioned I have a bit of barding although it is a darker blue and
      > doesn't "pop" against my mares bay coat. I just want to re-use that
      > headstall and breast collar since I have it.
      > I actually plan to bring two horses, and have the perfect saddle blanket
      > type barding for the other horse.
      > And I don't have a tent of my own yet. not even a "ground pimple" as they
      > are referred to at times.
      > Which is why I thought to make one out of "household" ingredients. LOL
      > And I need something for my head AND to cover my helmet.
      > I have most of my stuff to eat off of and with, and just the fiddly bits
      > to put together... LOL
      > Carol

      Yours In Service,

      THLord Ian the Green

      "Veritatem resistit simplicitate"

      My Blog <http://scribescribbling.wordpress.com/>

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