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17089RE: [SCA Newcomers] Greetings, Sort of a Newbie... LOL

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  • shandra_
    May 23, 2013
      Take a deep breath!!!!!

      Your horse doesn't need garb... (barding), it's something awesome to have, but if you're just starting out, you don't need it... All the equestrians I know are just thrilled that they have more friends to play with. :)

      And feel free to use your modern tent to camp at your first events (or even later). A canvas tent is a great thing to have (I personally prefer it to a modern tent), but not a necessity. Although, I would be a bit more thoughtful in where I set up my camp, (ie not placing it right on a main roadway), but you shouldn't get too much hassle, especially if you're new (a canvas tent setup does require a bit of capital investment that not all can make. (I actually recently purchased a tent for a friend who is paying me back in installments, since I take payments, and the proprietor doesn't. ::grin::).)

      Pick up the "pretty and/or period" stuff as you go along. When I first started camping, I was really intimidated by my friend's "perfectly period camp", until I realized that they'd been playing for 15 years longer than I have, and picked up everything bit by bit (usually on sale, even!), and I had plenty of time to get things as I went. (Now, 5 years later MY tent is the one "intimidating" my "newer SCA friends", and I remind them of what I learned oh those years ago.

      Breathe, you'll be fine!!!!!

      ~Alexandra (Shandra) Vazquez de Granada
      Kingdom of Calontir

      --------- Original Message ---------Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Greetings, Sort of a Newbie... LOL
      From: "C" <wnnahrse35@...>
      Date: 5/23/13 11:11 am
      To: scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com

      Good Morning All,

      My name is Carol, I live in WI, and did renn faire many years ago in my slightly mispent youth as a volunteer, and my husband and I did a few SCA events with friends in CA, about 13-14 yrs ago.

      Luckily i kept most of my garb, and can make some from stuff I see on the internets. I have made costumes on short notice for myself and my horse for parades around halloween.

      So... here is my dilema, the garb may not be quite period, or the way it should be.
      And I need to create some barding for my horses, we are going to a border skirmish, and from what I have read online they say "keep it simple"...
      I have a headstall(thing that goes on the horse's head) and breast collar (thing that goes across the horse's chest and helps keep the saddle from slipping if need be). They are more "western/parade" type of thing you might see in the olde tyme westerns Like the Lone Ranger's horse....

      So... I want to use this with a different color behind it.

      AND I need a way to either hide a normal tent OR a way to adapt
      this interior support http://www.welldressedtent.com/index.php
      (look at the pic of the man setting the tent up, it looks like an umbrella) to a tent or pavilion that I could use a supported patio umbrella for a tent....
      I know it seems odd, but I am trying to use what I have, and being on a budget.....
      You can see my vague dilema... I know I know.. not really a dilema... but I know I will be going to more events and will be joining the SCA as a member.

      Thanks tons

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