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17067Hail and Well Met, friends!

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  • gchevolazski
    May 6, 2013
      I just joined the other day. I've been in the Society nearly two years, so I figure I'm still a newcomer essentially. I live in the Shire of Berley Cort, in central Atlantia (Southeast VA).

      I have two personas, one of which is is pretty fleshed out now, and I have one complete outfit for...that being Lir Ó Brannigáin, a 9th-century Irishman who comes from a family with a long, long history of druids.

      He lives out in the countryside, in the woods, and only goes into town to trade with the Vikings who have been raiding, and also to work for them to make a living.

      My 2nd, newest persona is Aðakán Freyrson. He is from 9th-century Denmark.

      If you have any resources for me in regards to Viking garb, or even Celtic garb during the 9th-century, I'd be most grateful. :)


      --Garrett Piersa (Aðakán Freyrson/Lir Ó Brannigáin).